lil' blog of mine...

I am still alive....things have taken me away from this lil' space.. but for today I am here.

we have lived in our car I feel like lately...
& this cutie isn't happy about it & has found his lungs in that car seat...ugh

many lake days lately too....

A trip to Oklahoma to see Jess & her boys...

monkey see, monkey do

always baking with Jessica..

Cousin turned ONE!!!

loving lolli & pops view in their new house...

Proud of Uncle Toby & Aunite Bay Bay..
Celebrating Toby's graduation  

more lake fun...

Joyful baby boy.. 5 months

 when you ask your brother to hold your baby....

& crawling any day now...
proud big brother cheering baby brother on..

Hope you guys are enjoying the last little bit of summer!


This year the kids started taking swim lessons ( finally, I know right). 
They are loving it!!!

they are the cutest little fish in the water!!

4th of July

We did our best to celebrate even though this year kids were sick & got even sicker on the 4th..ugh!!!
In my opinion 4th of July is right up there with Christmas when it comes to traditions... 
So it was sad to not be able to fully celebrate.

even though this one was recovering from a virus ( thank you gymnastic camp) 
 & woke up with an ear infection the morning of
..insert ugh here... 
she was still happy to celebrate!

1st fourth for this cutie pie..

lil' lanterns..big hit!

lakeside nap (-:

Around 5 we ended up in the ER instead of firework watching )-:

like I said kids had been sick so we layed low until Monday to celebrate..
after what must have been too much fun too quick..
To the ER we headed b/c brother was coughing soooo very much.. 
& since we were there lets get sister's ear checked out too
Brother got meds for Bronchitis & sister got meds for ear...
So so not what I had planned..big ugh... BIG BIG ugh..
But finally today.... 
after a week & a half of high fevers, medicine math, doctor visit's & tears
we are on the mend..HOORAY!!

now if only we could redo 4th of July..
Hoping the rest of our July is better than how it started

Summer Days...

are the best days... 

This cutie pie is almost 4 months...

Hubs visiting my brother's office...

daddy's mowing buddy..

Tiki Breeze Island fun for the lake..

first VBS in the books...

morning park fun..

blue trucks & baseball's for this sweet boy of mine...

cherishing these days before they are but a sweet memory..

lake weekend fun..


In the blink of an eye it's been nine years since this moment...

this day... that we vowed love will conquer all...

It's been great & in a way it's all just getting started. 

3 amazingly perfect blessings 
our greatest gifts

excited to see what the Lord has planned for the next 9

"May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us;
establish the work of our hands for us—
yes, establish the work of our hands."
Psalm 90:17

let's do this!

A Few Faves

I enjoy when others post favorite things...
One because I live under a rock & it's a quick way to find new fun things & gift ideas
& two with kids there is so much on the market you want to know what works well.
So this a quick favorite list of ours... because the kids all napped at the same time 
& momma had brain power (-:

1. Flamingo Floaty- last year we bought a big flamingo raft & this year I picked up this little float at Academy. See HERE

2. Green Tea: I love a good cup of hot tea. This tea is good & healthy for you. See HERE

3. Frogglez - Getting the older two into swim lessons this year for the first time & I have heard these
     are great. See HERE

4. Bars - I love Costco & the last couple of months they have carried these bars which we all love. My favorite are the Banana Chocolate ones. See HERE.

5. Water Sprinkler fun - Childhood perfection right here. Pure joy! See HERE!

6. Bunnies by the Bay - I love all their stuff & sweet baby loves playing with this bunny along with a few other ones they sell. See HERE.

7. Little Blue Truck- I have a little boy who loves all things trucks! We have just a few of these trucks in different colors (-: See HERE.

8.  Mini Melissa- These shoes are the cutest & smell amazing. lil' miss loves them!! I have bought off amazon & paid full price but if you look at Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th or Bloomingdale's -The Outlet they sometimes have a few styles for half the price... I'm all about a deal.  See HERE for Amazon & see HERE for off 5th.

9. Sit Me Up Chair- We didn't buy much for baby #3 but I did just buy this a few weeks back & it's perfect... light weight & easy to take outside or to the lake...perfect little seat. See HERE.

10. Regatta Swing- I have a daughter who loves, LOVES to swing right now. We bought this lil' swing to hang out at my parents house over looking the lake & I can't wait to push my babies in it. See HERE.

11. Watercolors- really any paint sets work but we have enjoyed these. The kids love all the color choices. See HERE.

12. Decaf Chai Latte- This is my sweet treat. It's so yummy. I mix it with Organic Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk... so yummy. See HERE.

13. YETI Tumblers- been around for a while now & worth every expensive penny in my opinion. I am very grateful for both of mine. I have the big one for ice water & smaller one for hot tea. Really such a treat. See HERE.


from the weekend...
Trampoline fun with baby..
(no jumping actually occurred (-:)


keeping Sunday photos really real over here...
 all I need is a smile guys that's all (-:

& because everyone took long Sunday naps 
an evening trip in the pouring down rain to Costco made sense..
Hey, baby girl got to use her umbrella.. always looking for the upside (-:

On point with her strawberries (-:
This sweet daughter of mine is such a girly girl! 
She loves laying out her outfit options, matching them with shoes, hair bows/headbands
& any other needed accessories.  The girl likes options (-:
Oh & I have to reassure her that shorts are not "boy clothes"...
She only likes to wear dresses, skirts & all things tutus. 
She also owns more lip gloss than her mother...
She is the cutest!!!